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Our Projects Speak for Themselves. Here Are Just a Few of the Many and Diverse Projects We Have Taken On.
​Providing An Integrated Design and Vision


Project Teal was the code name for what is now Samsung America's upstate call center. NewWave worked with the project in its initial design and devlopment stages. We brought togeather everything from access control to network infrastructure to ensure the building used the latest technologies and maintained affordable pricing structure. The result: a stunning design and amazing site with a successful infratructre allowing continued growth.

A lawyer, a web designer and a programmer.


When one of the areas leading lawyers decides to start their own practice they turn to NewWave. We developed a simple elegant device infrastructrure that allowed the firm to grow stedily without huge upfront costs, never sacrificing capability or ease of use.

Gateway Into The 21st Century


NewWave was contracted to upgrade sytems company wide and provide a track for continued investment into Technology over the years. All systems work upgraded and designed around not only current but future needs. Systems were simplified allowing for cost savings. Cloud based systems were implemented and training performed for employees. NewWave continue the relationship in manangement of IT resourses and IT direction on new projects.

Manufacturing Meets The Internet Era


WRS worked with NewWave to coordinate the move of their technology from New York to South Carolina in 2008. After getting them setup in the upstate we worked to maintain and manage all of their technology resources including systems, internet, and phone. NewWave has also seen WRS through numerous system upgrades and a 2nd relocation to Westminster, SC as well as a complete overhaul of their existing system and upgrade to an ecommerce model with Monsoon StoneEdge.​



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